Bunty's very successful exhibition titled "Catching the Spirit" was held at the Trinidad and Tobago Art Society, Port of
Spain, Trinidad.

“In the calm exile of work, we first learn patience, which in turn teaches energy and energy gives us eternal youth made of self collectedness and enthusiasm. From such vantage we can see and understand life, this delicious life that we denature by the artifices of our enclosed unaired spirit,
surrounded though we are by masterpieces of nature and of art.” - Auguste Rodin.

Sunday Guardian, February 19th 2006 -

“(The Sculptures) are vaguely and disturbingly familiar. And even though you may only see them once, there is a kind of
instant recognition or connection”. The

Daily Express - Tuesday 14th March 2006 -

“Catching the Spirt might bring to mind dark supernatural forces. Or it might conjure images of joy and celebration. Both
ideas are expressed in O'Connor's quaintly beautiful statues, mosaics and vases. The blending of human and animal features makes her sculptures, for instant, seem both faintly occult and playfully adventurous. With names like 'Snake Charmer', 'Bat Playing Orchid', and 'Alligator Woman', they look like human-animal chimeras. But they could also be humans in costumes, O'Connor said. That observation is how she came up with the title of the exhibition. Masquerading is one way people catch the spirit. Absorbing the sights and sounds of nature is another.”.

The Bookman - Monday 13th March 2006 -

“With this show, it is worth going to see how far she has come. The exploration of colours and the use of paper mache to enhance and expand her forms are worth seeing (...) But the real treat is the experimental sculptural works that sit on cut tree
trunk pieces, enhancing the natural colours and twisting, turning movements of her shapes that from every angle give a slightly different look. There is a lot to see in these compact pieces.”