Trini Pothounds

Bunty makes clay curiosities. 
These vagabond Trini Pothounds are always
clamouring for a home, bark bark!


Students from all walks of life
come to Ajoupa to learn and explore.



Five acres of vibrant tropical gardens provide
ample inspiration to Bunty and visiting artists.

Visit Ajoupa Pottery

Explore the quiet garden and browse for ceramic creations that speak to your personality. Call (868) 673 0605. By appointment only.

Ajoupa Pottery

Mosaic Workshops

Learn to create stunning ceramic mosaics. Take away your creations. Our next workshop is scheduled for November.

Raku Workshops

The closest thing to alchemy. Raku provides a magical finish to ceramics. Come and learn with the best.

Workshop Gallery

Browse the gallery to experience past workshops at Ajoupa.