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As you may already know, Ajoupa Pottery no longer functions as a small manufacturing concern. There were many reasons for closing down production. The main one being lack of business. You may remember that the pottery was started in the days when oil was at its lowest ebb in 1985 and small manufacturers were encouraged by the Government to export their
production. Ajoupa had a thriving business in the Caribbean islands. It was exciting to be part of the process of "nation building". Our pottery was made by many hands all eager to show their pride in the finished wares. Our designs reflected the beauty of our surroundings, trees, flowers, animals, birds, lovely old architecture and above all simplicity. We used locally dug
clay and as far as possible locally found raw materials to make glazes.


However time and policies changed and soon enough there were too many imports and it became harder and harder to find markets and to employ
skilled artisans. But old potters never die. We simply moved up the road to our beautiful old
gingerbread house on the hill and here you may find Bunty, playing with clay and continuing to exercise her imagination and hands.

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